Seven rooms and one suite.

Activities nearby

Golf, whale-watching cruises, a horse-drawn carriage rides, horseback excursion in the mountains, hunting, interpretation, alpine skiing and substantive, dogsledding, fishing and ice fishing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, snowmobiling, casino, art shops.


Ski shuttle, Special groups fares, Waterfront, Balcony, Private bathroom, Mastercard Acc., Visa acc., Lounge, Private room, Bar, Meeting Rooms, Conference Room, Services for Business, Free Parking, Lunch, Dinner, Breakfast, Airport Shuttle, Babysitting


Banquet, reception

Whether for a wedding, anniversary, a business dinner, a family reunion or for any other occasion, the hostel La Marmite will gladly make your event a success assured.

Other on-site services

Gift Certificate.
Free Internet access.
Wireless Internet access in all bedrooms.
Board games.
Iron and ironing board.
Foyer outside.

Salon Salle à Manger Salle à manger
The Living Room Main Dining Room Second Dining Room