The Charlevoix region

The breathtaking views at every turn

The sea and the mountains up in Charlevoix grandiose decor. On the coast, caps one another like sentinels on the big river. Pretty villages nestle on a mountainside or in the hollow of quiet coves. On the alternate route rich fields and viewpoints to the heights of the hinterland. Artists have long sought to express on paper or canvas this mixt of serenity and magnificience that these landscapes inspire. Ideal region of villegiature, Charlevoix combines all year a hotel quality and unusual range of outdoor activities and cultural events.

The relief of Charlevoix is due to the fall of a huge meteorite, 350 million years ago in a territory where Les Éboulements are today the centre. Most of the region was designated in 1988 biosphere reserve by Unesco.

Some attractions and activities in the region

The Nationakl Park of Hautes-Gorges-de-la-Rivière-Malbaie is one of the most beautiful natural monuments in Quebec. It takes its name from the presence of a network of valleys cut deep into a range of high mountains. Mountains Elie and Jérémi and the mountain Érables dominate the valleys of rivers Malbaie and Martres, the Black Lake and the Creek Bridge. The importance of slopes, the aesthetics of landscape and the unusual course of the river Malbaie make this site a unique place in Eastern Canada. At the heart of the World Biosphere Reserve Charlevoix, this jewel of the hinterland is accessible via the picturesque village of Saint-Aimé-des-Lacs.

The Casino of Charlevoix stands out for its peaceful atmosphere. In this intimate place, discovers 22 gaming tables and nearly 800 slot machines.

Whale watching is a fascinating activity. A meeting with these legendary animals allows us to better understand the greatness and the fragility of the marine environment and the life within it.

Hiking, canoeing, kayaking, cycling, fishing and more, we do not get bored in Charlevoix.


Katabatik : Sea kayaking

Croisières AML : Whale observation and exploration of the Fjord Saguenay (Information at the Auberge).